City Awarded Environment Impact Bond

The city of Atlanta recently became the first municipality in the country to be awarded a publicly-offered Environmental Impact Bond (EIB) for green infrastructure projects. The bond will help support eight infrastructure projects within the area. These eight projects were developed to help improve the waste and stormwater management and reduce the strain on the current infrastructure and sewer system. An EIB is an innovative financing tool that uses a Pay for Success (PFS) approach to provide up-front capital for environmental programs, either to pilot a new approach whose performance is viewed as uncertain or to scale up a solution that has been tested on a small scale. In its most basic form, private investors participating in a PFS model

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Atlanta’s Smart Choice for Sewer Rehabilitation and Pipelining

Cities in Georgia, including Atlanta and surrounding suburbs, are working toward a better future for the underground sewer system. Currently, there are many state-of-the-art developments in wastewater treatments, storm water and collection systems. Atlanta is working to alleviate the millions of gallons of storm water which has pervaded the system. Because of this, the best method of rehabilitation is the Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP) method of relining the water systems. Several upcoming sewer projects were designed with efficiency, as well as time management, in mind. Damaged and under-performing pipelines are also a consideration for DeKalb County. A major rehabilitation project is underway in order to restore gravity sewer line capacity. Sewer mains will be cleaned at 19 vital locations around the

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Fulton County Establishes Sewer Line Warranty

Cities in and around Atlanta are getting with the program. The sewer and water line warranty program. Fulton County is now offering homeowners various options for coverage to sewer lines that can potentially leak and become problematic.  It is almost always unexpected and never timely when the sewer backs up or the water line bursts. And much of the time the homeowner is responsible; making it a costly mishap when paying out of pocket. The average water leak in Fulton County costs approximately $1,500 to repair. A sewer line leak averages around $3,500.  In a recent study, it was estimated that 70 percent of all calls to the county about sewer and water-related issues have been determined to be the

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Union City’s Stable Infrastructure and Development

Union City is one of the most influential sub-markets in the southern region of the Metro-Atlanta area. There is an abundance of rich history in Union City that is illustrated through more than one hundred pictures and information found in a book- A Pictorial History: Celebrating 100 Years. The City works diligently to enhance job growth and to promote business stability. Only 10 miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the community is the perfect place for new and existing businesses. With an array of services and retail uses, our businesses continue to thrive. An effort to maintain economic development is an important part of strengthening the communities by creating and retaining jobs. Union City also supplies residential, commercial, and

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Rainy Season and Sewer Drainage Systems

Many of us are experiencing a rainy season now that summer is in full swing.  Along with the sunny delights and fanfare this time of year brings, there is also a need to think about the proper functioning of our drainage systems where we live.  It is important to know to what extent a drainage issue is prevalent.  In order to do this, a qualified fully licensed professional is needed for drain pipe cleaning. This will also maximize your awareness of the health of the pipelines in your home.  Here are a few suggestions when seeking the help of an expert: 1. Get referrals from people you know.  Word of mouth advertising speaks volumes on the overall satisfaction of previous

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