Union City’s Stable Infrastructure and Development

Union City is one of the most influential sub-markets in the southern region of the Metro-Atlanta area. There is an abundance of rich history in Union City that is illustrated through more than one hundred pictures and information found in a book- A Pictorial History: Celebrating 100 Years. The City works diligently to enhance job growth and to promote business stability. Only 10 miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the community is the perfect place for new and existing businesses. With an array of services and retail uses, our businesses continue to thrive. An effort to maintain economic development is an important part of strengthening the communities by creating and retaining jobs. Union City also supplies residential, commercial, and

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DeKalb County’s Sewer Geography Information System

DeKalb County is in the process of implementing an infrastructure mapping system for the sewer system.   In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency, the City is upgrading its underground infrastructure in an effort to reduce sanitary sewer overflows.  In doing this, the need to fully assess the condition of the pipeline is necessary.  The County has consistently worked to improve its sewer mapping capabilities.  Currently, the sewer system mapping and inventory survey project is being completed by County contractors. The project terms include information regarding mapping, inventory, and recording of geographical location of all public and private sanitary sewer manholes (by identifying numbers), public and private sewer mains, force mains and air valves, service line cleanouts, and lift stations

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