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Perma-Liner™ Certified Installer Highlight

Located in Chamblee, Georgia and founded in 1985, the Zurns took steps to follow Ted and Wendy’s long-term goal of starting their own Atlanta plumbing business. Zurn Plumbing Service opened with a single truck and working out of their home office. After more than 30 years, the business has grown to more than 20, hard-working employees including the Zurn’s children Matt and Lisa. Recently, the company received a call from a homeowner about a blockage in their sewer line. There was a 4 inch to 6 inch transition just outside the home. The crew ran a snake and unclogged the line, then inspected with a camera and found roots at every joint in the 6 inch terracotta pipe. Since the homeowner

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Atlanta Inspects Pipelines to Inhibit Tree Roots in Sewer System

The city of Atlanta has been dealing with tree roots, as have other cities within the area. Roots can build up inside the sewer system and cause clogs and problematic backups. These clogs can interfere with the daily use of your fixtures. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this nuisance. Take note of any trees growing within 30 feet of your main sewer line and get a professional inspection every few years. Additionally, leave at least 10 feet between any new trees and shrubs planted near your home’s mainline. Trees are relatively low maintenance as their requirements are few- soil, water, sunlight. They provide an abundance of benefits which include purifying the air, lowering your energy bills with their shade,

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Fulton County Establishes Sewer Line Warranty

Cities in and around Atlanta are getting with the program. The sewer and water line warranty program. Fulton County is now offering homeowners various options for coverage to sewer lines that can potentially leak and become problematic.  It is almost always unexpected and never timely when the sewer backs up or the water line bursts. And much of the time the homeowner is responsible; making it a costly mishap when paying out of pocket. The average water leak in Fulton County costs approximately $1,500 to repair. A sewer line leak averages around $3,500.  In a recent study, it was estimated that 70 percent of all calls to the county about sewer and water-related issues have been determined to be the

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