DeKalb County’s Sewer Overflow and Smoke Testing Advisory

DeKalb County recently completed 400 miles of sewer pipe smoke testing and identified public and private lines in need of repair. The smoke testing of sewer lines is one type of required assessment outlined in the federal Consent mandate which was imposed over five years ago. The smoke testing consists of a nontoxic smoke which is inserted in a section of residential sewer pipeline. If smoke escapes through the ground, it indicates a leak in the sewer pipe. In addition, the test also detects possible breaks in homeowner’s sewer laterals, stormwater tie-ins, and any other possible outcome that allows either stormwater to get into the system, or wastewater to leak out of the system. The rehabilitation and repair of public

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Atlanta’s Memorial Park and Flooding Prevention

Flooding and sewer overflows have been an ongoing problem for Atlanta’s Memorial Park for decades. City watershed management officials are now planning to spend about $400,000 over the next three to nine months to raise five manholes on a sewer line, through the park, by approximately 2 feet in order to keep water from flowing into the sewer line and causing further damage.  Additionally, plans will be expedited on more than $30 million in other repairs, including the rehabilitation of a 90-inch pipe installed in 1910 that runs beneath the park. Recently, flooding on Peachtree Creek sent sewage flowing into the playground and other areas of Atlanta’s Memorial Park located in Buckhead, leaving nearby residents in a state of concern. 

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DeKalb County Sewage Woes

Atlanta is known for its rich culture, wonderful restaurants and social life and many old, historic buildings with amazing heritage and architecture. With such vast contributions coming from the greater Atlanta area, it is a multi-cultural gem. Many people are flocking to the city for all of its potential and growth. With this influx of population, the city has indeed looked at the underground sewage infrastructure and Sanitary Sewer system to ensure its condition and ability to continue to thrive and meet the needs of its people. However, the people of DeKalb County, an Atlanta suburb, say their area of town has yet to come up to the existing, better standards of neighboring areas of Atlanta. Many say the sewage

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