Atlanta’s MO for Optimum Stormwater Management

The city of Atlanta has developed a plan to reduce stormwater runoff by up to 225 million gallons annually. With this strategy, stormwater runoff will be managed through a cost-effective grey and green infrastructure design, which will accelerate green space development in urban communities. Green infrastructure infuses elements intended to mimic nature to more effectively manage urban stormwater and reduce flooding, erosion and sewer overflows. In addition to increased capacity reassurance, green infrastructure provides community attributes and buildup. Currently, more than 10 green infrastructure projects are taking place in the city. The layout for this initiative totals approximately $1.06 billion and identifies the essentials for sustaining, restoring and modernizing the facilities and infrastructure at the cornerstone of the water system.

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Gainesville Identifies Problematic Issues for Sewer Structure

The city of Gainesville is working to efficiently address the problems arising from aging sewer pipes, and the costly road washouts that have been associated with this.  New state and federal water quality regulations have prompted the need for a self-sustaining fee program to pay for storm water infrastructure upgrades. The initial fee proposed will charge $1 for every 1,000 square feet of impervious surface on residential, commercial, nonprofit and government property. There are more than 124 million square feet of impervious surfaces in Gainesville. Impervious surfaces include driveways, parking lots, and any surface that does not allow water to be absorbed into the ground. Department officials proposed the fee to provide a dedicated funding source to pay for improvements

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