Savannah completes drain project

With the rainy season here, the $2.4 million drainage project on Bolton Street has been completed. The project took a little more than a month to complete and utilized funding from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. The project is quite a milestone as Savannah used new trenchless pipelining technology to help with the drainage in the area. The 102-inch diameter line that was installed more than 150 years ago was lined using the cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) method. This was a structural repair. If the line deteriorates, the CIPP line will stay in place and has a lifespan of at least 50 years. The CIPP method will stabilize the structure and improve drainage flow by providing a smooth passageway, while

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Atlanta’s Smart Choice for Sewer Rehabilitation and Pipelining

Cities in Georgia, including Atlanta and surrounding suburbs, are working toward a better future for the underground sewer system. Currently, there are many state-of-the-art developments in wastewater treatments, storm water and collection systems. Atlanta is working to alleviate the millions of gallons of storm water which has pervaded the system. Because of this, the best method of rehabilitation is the Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP) method of relining the water systems. Several upcoming sewer projects were designed with efficiency, as well as time management, in mind. Damaged and under-performing pipelines are also a consideration for DeKalb County. A major rehabilitation project is underway in order to restore gravity sewer line capacity. Sewer mains will be cleaned at 19 vital locations around the

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Fulton County Establishes Sewer Line Warranty

Cities in and around Atlanta are getting with the program. The sewer and water line warranty program. Fulton County is now offering homeowners various options for coverage to sewer lines that can potentially leak and become problematic.  It is almost always unexpected and never timely when the sewer backs up or the water line bursts. And much of the time the homeowner is responsible; making it a costly mishap when paying out of pocket. The average water leak in Fulton County costs approximately $1,500 to repair. A sewer line leak averages around $3,500.  In a recent study, it was estimated that 70 percent of all calls to the county about sewer and water-related issues have been determined to be the

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Climatology Study and Flooding Analysis in Atlanta

The objective of this study was to characterize the climatology of extreme rainfall and flash flooding in Atlanta.  Nine urban watersheds in the Atlanta area were examined and found to exhibit a range of urban development and land-use characteristics. Flooding in Georgia is wide-ranging and impacts areas from the coastal regions to the mountains at various times of the year. The major differences in urban watersheds come from the volume of water available for runoff due to surface coverings reducing infiltration, and storm drainage collection systems increasing the flow and magnitude of flood peaks. The large number of small-scale events in the Atlanta Urban Zone relative to other areas is likely due to urbanization, or the population shift from rural

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Atlanta’s 2016 Underground Construction Conference

Atlanta will be hosting the annual Underground Construction Technology (UCT) Conference & Exhibition held at the Georgia World Congress Center in early February next year. The UCTA helps to develop educational sessions and workshops for the conference and organizes networking and recognition events at the conference including the UCTA Gulf Coast Chapter Golf Tournament and the annual UCTA Most Valuable Professional Award. UCT is the biggest event each year for the underground infrastructure industry.  UCT hosts thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibits focusing on modern construction methods, which includes the world’s largest exhibit for trenchless rehabilitation and construction technologies. Combining the industry’s largest exhibition with a trendsetting, cutting-edge educational program, UCT offers informational opportunities for everyone involved in underground

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Union City’s Stable Infrastructure and Development

Union City is one of the most influential sub-markets in the southern region of the Metro-Atlanta area. There is an abundance of rich history in Union City that is illustrated through more than one hundred pictures and information found in a book- A Pictorial History: Celebrating 100 Years. The City works diligently to enhance job growth and to promote business stability. Only 10 miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the community is the perfect place for new and existing businesses. With an array of services and retail uses, our businesses continue to thrive. An effort to maintain economic development is an important part of strengthening the communities by creating and retaining jobs. Union City also supplies residential, commercial, and

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DeKalb County’s Sewer Geography Information System

DeKalb County is in the process of implementing an infrastructure mapping system for the sewer system.   In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency, the City is upgrading its underground infrastructure in an effort to reduce sanitary sewer overflows.  In doing this, the need to fully assess the condition of the pipeline is necessary.  The County has consistently worked to improve its sewer mapping capabilities.  Currently, the sewer system mapping and inventory survey project is being completed by County contractors. The project terms include information regarding mapping, inventory, and recording of geographical location of all public and private sanitary sewer manholes (by identifying numbers), public and private sewer mains, force mains and air valves, service line cleanouts, and lift stations

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Hiram’s Sewer Enhancements

The downtown area of Hiram has been busy with sewer construction. The City is in the process of installing an enhancement to the sewer system and lift station. The upgrade is expected to be completed at the end of November. The primary roadway affected is Main Street from Arnold Lane to the northeast and Hwy 92 to the southwest. This project will also continue through South Forty subdivision along South Forty Pass east and west. There has been and will continue to be intermittent road closures and delays as the sewer and water lines are being installed. Interesting fact: The Eastern Continental Divide, a continental divide in the U.S. that separates the Gulf of Mexico drainage from the watersheds that

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Stockbridge’s Annual Storm Drain Project

The City of Stockbridge is in need of Volunteers for a great project!  In an ongoing effort to help keep debris out of the storm drain, Stockbridge is giving the community a chance to participate and get the word out about environmental concerns.  The main objective is to raise community awareness about the function of storm drains; their link to water quality, both locally and throughout the state.  Storm drains were designed to be the fastest and most efficient way of getting rainwater off streets and parking lots. Unfortunately, the water that flows into your storm drain often carries trash, leaves, grass clippings and sediment from the street; nutrients in the form of fertilizers, toxins in the form of pesticides,

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Temporary Sewer Pipe Causes Road Blockage

The residents living near Nancy Creek and Ridgewood roads have had to drive around a temporary sewer line which was blocking the intersection. An above ground sewer pipe that emptied into a manhole has been the talk of the town for nearly four months. Residents felt as though they were in harm’s way as cars at this busy intersection were a constant source of concern while driving around the pipe in the road. Good new residents! A potentially dangerous situation has been removed as the repairs to the broken pipe have been made and the City has resolved the problem. It’s true that Atlanta has an older underground infrastructure that requires maintenance from time to time. But not to worry,

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