Savannah completes drain project

With the rainy season here, the $2.4 million drainage project on Bolton Street has been completed.

The project took a little more than a month to complete and utilized funding from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. The project is quite a milestone as Savannah used new technology to help with the drainage in the area.

The 102-inch diameter line that was installed more than 150 years ago was lined using the cured-in-place-pipe method. This was a structural repair. If the line deteriorates, the CIPP line will stay in place and has a lifespan of at least 50 years.

The CIPP method will stabilize the structure and improve drainage flow by providing a smooth passageway, while also allowing the city to avoid the typical dig and replace option and minimal disruptions to residents.

With the upcoming spring rain and storm season approaching, it’s important that municipalities know their options for infrastructure repairs before it’s too late. Perma-Liner™ Industries is the leading manufacturer of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America. Our experience in the CIPP industry has allowed us to design, patent and manufacture state of the art technology in order for us to repair structures without excavation.

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