Waterline Renewal Technologies

Be Prepared For The Smoke Treatment

Perma-liner ManHole Rehab

Atlanta, our sewer department employees have been visiting several locations to test for problems in our sewer lines. Liquid smoke is pushed with a fan through an open manhole, alerting the employees to a potential problem when they see the smoke arise. Some citizens may notice smoke blowing through lines in their homes, as well as showers and sinks. The smoke is not toxic and is safe for children and pets.


While cracked or broken lines do not impact customers’ bills, they can cause an overall increases in the bill. When it rains, the water can enter the broken areas of the sewer lines, mixing in with the actual waste water. The combined water is then treated at the Water Reclamation Facility, forcing Atlanta to pay for the treatment of both the waste and the rain water, which increase spending.

If you are one of the citizens of Atlanta that needs to repair or rehab your sewer pipes call Perma-Liner, our “trenchless technology” is easy on infrastructure, time, and your wallet! Our toll free number is 866-336-2568 and visit our website www.perma-liner.com.