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Emergency Repairs to Atlanta, DeKalb County Pipes

Emergency Repairs to Atlanta, DeKalb County Pipes

Recently, crews had to replace 300 feet of aging 30-inch-diameter concrete sewer pipe, which was deemed a public safety hazard.

The repairs began on Jan. 22 and cost approximately $700,000. These repairs are an effort to comply with the county’s consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Protection Division. According to the decree, DeKalb must take measures to reduce the number of sanitary sewer spills in the county. The deadline for implementing changes under the consent decree is June 2020.

Approximately one-third of the county’s total sewer pipes have been assessed. The pipes in the worst condition were given a ranking and a recommendation for replacement while pipes in good condition would need to be reassessed in 10 years.

Throughout the county, sanitary sewer overflows are frequent, too. These pipes are inspected for any further issues that may arise and cause another overflow.

The county is taking steps to monitor pipes with methods such as smoke testing to reveal cracks or openings, dye testing to uncover concealed defects, acoustic inspections to determine percentage of blockage in a pipe and sonar inspections.

With the upcoming spring rain and storm season approaching, it’s important that municipalities know their options for infrastructure repairs before it’s too late. Perma-Liner™ Industries is the leading manufacturer of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America. Our experience in the CIPP industry has allowed us to design, patent and manufacture state of the art technology in order for us to repair structures without excavation.