Waterline Renewal Technologies

Old Fourth Ward Park Infrastructure


Historic Fourth Ward Park is a 17-acre public park in the heart of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Located near downtown and adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine, the park is well positioned to serve neighborhood residents as well as visitors from around the city and the region. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., on behalf of the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM), managed the construction of the project, including a detention basin, or lake, which is the central visual amenity of Historic Fourth Ward Park. This two acre lake serves as a striking aesthetic feature while helping the City to meet Federal Consent Decree requirements. Construction on this project was completed more than $5 million under budget. The Trust for Public Land made the initial land acquisitions for the project and ongoing philanthropic support through the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Capital Campaign was vital to additional land acquisition, design and development. In addition, property owners and community members formed the Historic Fourth Ward Park Conservancy to provide additional ongoing maintenance, programs and amenities.

The lake’s permanent pool elevation comes from natural groundwater. The lake is designed to detain rain water after a storm event.  After a storm, the rain water recedes by slowly discharging into the Highland Avenue Combined Sewer trunk. Additionally, should the trunk fill up, the lake is designed so the flow will not re‐enter the basin.  This well-known park is used for many events and has energy efficient LED lighting that provides excellent visibility at night, enhancing the park’s beauty and security. The lights are on a timer that is synched to year round sunset and sunrise hours. When visiting, remember: in an effort to maximize green space and accommodate the detention lake, there is no parking lot. On-street parking is available.