DeKalb County’s Sewer Overflow and Smoke Testing Advisory

DeKalb County recently completed 400 miles of sewer pipe smoke testing and identified public and private lines in need of repair. The smoke testing of sewer lines is one type of required assessment outlined in the federal Consent mandate which was imposed over five years ago. The smoke testing consists of a nontoxic smoke which is inserted in a section of residential sewer pipeline. If smoke escapes through the ground, it indicates a leak in the sewer pipe. In addition, the test also detects possible breaks in homeowner’s sewer laterals, stormwater tie-ins, and any other possible outcome that allows either stormwater to get into the system, or wastewater to leak out of the system. The rehabilitation and repair of public

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Atlanta’s MO for Optimum Stormwater Management

The city of Atlanta has developed a plan to reduce stormwater runoff by up to 225 million gallons annually. With this strategy, stormwater runoff will be managed through a cost-effective grey and green infrastructure design, which will accelerate green space development in urban communities. Green infrastructure infuses elements intended to mimic nature to more effectively manage urban stormwater and reduce flooding, erosion and sewer overflows. In addition to increased capacity reassurance, green infrastructure provides community attributes and buildup. Currently, more than 10 green infrastructure projects are taking place in the city. The layout for this initiative totals approximately $1.06 billion and identifies the essentials for sustaining, restoring and modernizing the facilities and infrastructure at the cornerstone of the water system.

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